Friday, December 10, 2010

clean up paper!

Hari ni akuh mengemas buku-buku yang tak guna lagi.
So bila aku mengemas, tiba-tiba aku terjumpa satu kertas yang agak menarik untuk dibaca sekali lagi.
beberapa helai kertas yang dah lama aku tak baca.
Nak tahu ape ceritanye?
Ok. Ok. Aku mula membaca.

On the school holiday last week. Me and my family went to Hongkong Disneyland to celebrate my sister birthday. From here to Hongkong, we use a flight but the airport to the disneyland we have to take a taxi because its easier even it cost a lot of money. The cheap taxi almost kill me with the seat hard like a stone and with the bumpy road, only God know how its feel that time.
Just when we arrived we were focusing on where will we sleep for the night because we're come here without trought any traveller agencies. My mum seem so rushy to find a hotel to stay because the sun is nearly down. Finally we get a three star hotel after all the effort we give for it. Well it's not an issue when you are too tired maybe because the change of weather and the most of all the taxi we're rides before.
After a short break in the room, me and my family are going out for a dinner. The night at Hongkong is really busy with localist selling and buying goods and also including tourist like us. There are so many people from a diferent place and a different race but they all seem so nice. After taking a half hour walking around the town, we stopped at the biggest restaurant in town named King's. They sell so many type of food from in or outside the country. The restaurant were based around 80's and now is already it's third generation. 
 Enough with the dinner we had finally we are going back to the hotel for a rest. The second day we take another taxi hell trip to go to the Disneyland entrance. There was so many people at the entrance line up to buy a ticket at the counter. Luckily we all already buy from the internet shopping so it's not too long for us to enter it. 
When we set our foot inside, we are welcomed by the staff. The most popular Disney character, Mickey Mouse and friends is already waiting to welcomes all the guest. It was so exciting there with all the cartoon character walking aroud the place welcoming the guest, taking a picture together and make a funny things around. The person who happier is my sister because this is for her birthday celebration. 
 After a short walk looking around, finally it's time to play. Most of game at there is suitable for a kid but not all the game had there. Some of the playground need a height check. We went to the hall room to watch "Disney On Ice" the name that be given for the musical show while skating on ice. It was so fun to watch it by a close range and with all the people around it feel strange but at the same time you feel happy and fun. The musical show finally finished at three.
We stop a while at the stall near the hall room to take a break and eat because of tired and hunger after screaming, laughing and clapping inside the hall room. After that we were moving to the next place. It's a big tent and biggest tent I've seen before. We go in and what inside is a circus show. There a clown, a gymnast, a lion and the trainer also some weird people doing some freak show. This is really the same and my dream circus since a long time ago. It's just like what I imagine. 
Finish with the circus show we went to the next room. It was a mirror room. It was a trick mirror that will show you a reflection in a different reflection. It was funny to see your own body in different type of shape with your own eyes.
We spend our tie there untill night come. It was so much fun when it's turn night because the theme for the night and day was different. There so many show at the night every where even at the food stall itself. We have so much fun in that day. We take a flight at midnight because my dad got an urgent call from the company.

Thanks to my friend Saufi because left your paper at teacher's table.
Give him a big hands~

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